If your company has money to burn, then you don't need our services.

    However, if you're profits are important to you then make a decision today to find out what you are truly paying for your telecom, trash and textile services.  We will probably find you LOST MONEY!

    Integrity specializes in helping businesses that spend at least $2,000 monthly on their telecommunication services, waste removal services or uniform / textile rental services.

    Our analysis consists of more than looking at your bills to see if they’ve done the math correctly. We analyze contracts, tariffs, rates and proper utilization of services. We just don't look for the low hanging fruit we go after the pennies also that add up to dollars that add up  to thousands of dollars.

    It’s possible that you’ve been overpaying for years. If you run a larger enterprise, the problem can get worse exponentially

    Do you really think the phone company or your garbage service or linen rental company is going to tell you they made an error on your bill five years ago, and they have overcharged you sixty times? Unlikely,  our most grateful clients are usually the ones who thought they were being treated the best by their vendor!