Comments from Integrity Clients:

     "They found overcharges that we could not beleive existed then we received the checks(over $280,000) from Ameritech and AT&T - Integrity did a great job!                                                   Pronational Insurance

    "Integrity worked extremely hard on Archway's best interests . . . [and] was able to cut Archway's line costs by 50%. [Integrity] was always ready to jump into the middle of the fire to solve any problem at any time."

    Archway Cookies Inc.

    "Integrity [identified for us] an AT&T tariff filing which . . . resulted in a 37% savings on the rate per minute we were paying for 800 service."
    Michigan National Bank

    "Besides the overall savings, Integrity Audit Group also helped to ensure that we were receiving some of the best rates possible." EMC Insurance Company, Michigan Branch

    "Integrity said they could save us money on our phone bills by more than 25% and they did. We were very satisfied."

    Community Newspapers

    "To date, Integrity will have saved us over $2,000, with the potential of increasing this [amount] to over $12,000/year."

    Michigan Products Inc
    . (end of year savings was actually $25,000!)

    " Expect to save a lot of money, expect Integrity to deliver everything they promise and more!"  You'll be amazed at their energy, determination and results" whole heartedly recommend their auditing services to any company.
    Fremont Mutual Insurance