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Take Advantage Of Our Unique Uniform Rental Audit and Linen Rental Auditing Services.

A uniform rental audit can stop your business from being "taken to the cleaners" - literally.
Get a Uniform Rental Audit?
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O.K., you've probably never considered getting a Uniform Service Audit for your company...
We perform uniform linen and textile rental audits for businesses spending a minimum of $1,000 monthly on their uniform rental service, textile rentals or linen rental service.

Beside our phone bill audit services, many of our clients can greatly benefit from a uniform invoice audit. Uniform rental auditing and textile rental cost containment are a growing part of our niche services.


There are four big players nationwide in the uniform rental industry that are highly diversified in scope and provide a wide range of beneficial service to a wide array of industries. They are Cintas, Aramark, UniFirst and G&K. In fact, every third uniform rental in the USA is a Cintas Uniform. There are hundreds of smaller regional uniform rental service providers.

We perform contingency based Uniform Rental Invoice Audits, Linen Service Audits and Textile Rental Audits for the following types of businesses that spend a minimum of $1,000 monthly on their Uniform or Linen Rentals:

• Restaurants
• Fast Food Chains
• Manufacturers & Plants
• Food Service Industry
• Hotels
• Hospitality
• Commercial Recreation
• Leisure Industry
• Tourism Industry
• Nursing Homes
• Caterers
• Banquet Halls
• Service Industry
• Facilities that rent Tablecloths and Napkins
• Services that rent Uniforms, Garments and FloorMats
• Businesses that rent Linens, Sheets and Towels



Integrity + Advocacy = Savings & Better Service

We understand that you as a business owner rely on efficient uniform rental and linen rental services to operate your business. We will work with your textile service provider to recover any overcharges, get you credits and negotiate better rates while maintaining a good relationship with your linen rental company. If we don’t save your company money, we don’t generate a fee. Our track record has uncovered significant savings opportunities for a majority of our textile invoice auditing clients, typically over 15%.


Don't get taken to the cleaners.

The best decision that you can make to take control of your company’s Linen/textile  expense is to contact us on our request info form.