Here are 10 reasons to contact Integrity regarding your telecom, waste and uniform expenses:

    1. Phone Service Carriers, Uniform Rental Service Providers, and Solid Waste Disposal Companies are in the Profit Business – Not in the Consumer Advocacy Business or Telecom Auditing Industry. Do you understand the complexities of your services as it relates to usage and taxes?

    2. Do you have multiple lines and locations with a service provider that has already implemented a significant cost savings solution? Are you certain the telecom systems were provisioned correctly?

    3. Can you easily identify and explain what your business is paying for its waste disposal services?

    4. Do you know why you are being charged for specific services, and do you know if the rate corresponds correctly to your telecom usage or volume?

    5. Does the amount of solid waste generated by each of your locations utilize the waste disposal dumpster capacity or would your business benefit from either more or less frequent pick-ups or a larger or smaller sized dumpster?

    6. Are you able to identify any areas where your business is being charged excessive rates? Are the mats really changed every time you are charged? Does your restaurant uniform service provider tell you when it's the best to to renegotiate your service contract each year?

    7. Are you frustrated with your telecommunications service provider, trash removal service or uniform rental company? Have you been unable to resolve any disputes or feel like you are getting nowhere with them? Or, have you completely given up trying to fix the problem and decided to bite the bullet?

    8. Do you or anyone on your staff actively negotiate rates with your service providers? How often do you speak with your telecom account executive? Are you aware that companies that the phone companies don’t send out newsletters to announce when tariffs and market rates decrease?

    9. Do you know if you are being invoiced for lines or hardware that is no longer being used? Have you upgraded your PBX phone system?

    10. Has your business changed locations in the past decade? Who was handling change orders to discontinue services on your fixed and variable costs? Were you dealing with multiple carriers or vendors?


    1. Did you answer "Yes" to any of these telecom auditing, uniform rental or waste auditing questions?

    2. Does your company spend more than $2,000 monthly for Phone Service, Uniform Rental or Trash Removal?

    3. Do your work hard for your money?

    Remember, Phone Service Carriers, Uniform Rental Service Providers, and Solid Waste Disposal Companies are in the Profit Business – Not in the Consumer Advocacy Business.

    We audit telecom invoices, Uniform Rental Invoices and Garbage Disposal Invoices in all 50 States. Learn more about our Uniform, Textile and Linen Rental Auditing which is available to businesses that have monthly restaurant uniform work uniform rental invoices that exceed $2,000 per month.

    Our Telecom Auditing Team and our Solid Waste Auditing Services have saved our clients millions of dollars since 1992. The typical savings for our waste disposal audit customers ranges from 20-50%!

    Take action to reduce your phone, textile and waste expenses today.