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Telecom Audit Overview

Telecommunication Expense Management: 70-80% of  businesses have errors on telecom invoices.

Is your firm searching for a telecommunication expense management solution? INTEGRITY is your one-stop shop for telecom expense management and telecom/data auditing services. Our analysts and consultants will be more than just a bill auditing service when you partner with us, we will be your advocates. We understand that business owners acknowledge the importance of telecommunication expense management and want their telecom systems running at peak efficiency, but many end up overpaying to ensure that their business telecommunication systems operate flawlessly. If you're a CFO, CIO data or telecom director or business owner seeking telecom expense optimization for your company but are too busy, understaffed or more likely untrained to analyze your monthly phone expense and reduce telecom waste  read on.

The majority of businesses in the USA are paying too much for their telecom/data services.

Telecom/data service providers know that many of you are simply too busy to spend hours trying to figure out what it is that your are actually paying for each telecommunication billing cycle. Telecommunication cost management usually takes a backseat to the other priorities of growing your business.

Does the possibility of recovering funds that you were overcharged by your telecom carrier, and the 80% chance that we can reduce your yearly telecom spend with your current phone service providers interest you?

What if we could show you how we could easily save 10-30% yearly on your business telecom/data without switching carriers? We perform site analysis and line inventory in addition to analyzing your contracts. Our analysts have over 30 combined years in tariff analysis!


The best decision that you can make to take control of your company’s telecom expense is to contact us on our request info form.