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Waste Audit Overview

Does Your Company Pay More Than $2,000 Monthly For Garbage Dumpster Service? A Trash Bill Audit Can Save Your Business Thousands.

Firms looking for a phone bill audit will also benefit from a trash bill audit. A trash bill audit operates under the same premise that a majority of corporations who are paying for environmental waste management and disposal services are paying too much for the garbage dumpster rental and recycling dumpster services.

Would your throw cash into your garbage dumpster?

That's exactly what businesses risk doing if they don't utilize our solid waste disposal audits.

The stigma’s that have been associated with the waste removal industry are for the most part a non-issue due to Fortune 500 competition in the industry. However, we have found that the majority of businesses that we audit are overpaying for solid waste removal, recycle and waste management services. We have produced significant results on over 80% of the commercial properties we’ve evaluated and audited, saving our invoice auditing clients between $3,000 and $15,000 annually!


Solid waste auditing is available nationwide for companies who pay more than $2,000 monthly for dumpster rental trash removal services.

Who needs a waste disposal bill audit?

Any business that rents a waste disposal dumpster or pays a trash hauling service to dispose of there commercial solid waste (a.k.a. trash) and is spending over $2,000 monthly for these services needs a waste removal audit.


Our waste audit service is contingency-based, we are extremely motivated to find your business "lost money" and negotiate better rates with your service providers, while protecting the integrity of your relationships with your haulers during and after the trash bill auditing process.

• Our Garbage Bill Auditors perform our solid waste analysis for all types of commercial properties without any out of pocket expense or investment of your time.


• Since our waste consulting services are performed strictly on a contingency basis, we only generate a fee if and when our Garbage Bill Auditor gets results for your business in the form of a refund, credit our reduced service fee.


• Our Garbage Bill Auditing team has the knowledge and expertise to identify your missing money from over billing refunds to waste management rate reductions on your recycling and solid waste disposal bills. Join the hundreds of property owners, business owners and management firms that have saved thousands on their solid waste disposal services.



Since 1992, our invoice auditing team has been a nationally recognized leader in the cost recovery industry.

Through the use of multiple resources and our industry know-how our Garbage Bill Audit generates credits, refunds and reduced waste management costs for any commercial property. In fact, our waste auditors currently oversee over 1,000 commercial properties in the United States producing over $6 million in savings for our clients.


Who can benefit form our waste auditing services?

• Condominiums
• Retirement Communities
• Hotels
• Schools
• Resorts
• Hospitals
• Commercial Property Owners
• Shopping Malls
• Property Management Firms
• Restaurants
• Fast Food Chains
• Car Dealerships
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Factories
• Grocery Stores
• Banquet Halls
• Recreational Facilities
• Any Business That Rents A Dumpster
• Businesses With Multiple Locations


Our Waste Auditing Clients Get Results!!

• $4,800 yearly savings for a car dealership.

• Restaurant chain saves $96,000 per year on dumpster rental service.

• Apartment complex saves $18,000 over next three years.

• Office complex saved $12,000 after waste disposal analysis.

• Industrial park recovered $3,500 in solid waste disposal overcharges.

• Commercial client received a $5,700 refund following a waste disposal audit.



How Can We Lower Your Monthly Waste Disposal Bill?

We find billing errors, fraudulent charges, service related, tax related, tariff related and dumpster rental related overcharges. We uncover and negotiate and cost reduction opportunities by evaluating your invoices, service agreements and waste disposal equipment. The cost savings are verified in the form of a refund check, credit or a reduced waste disposal bill. If we fail to produce a refund or savings on your sanitation disposal overhead, you pay absolutely nothing for our services. Can you afford not to have a solid waste management audit?


Why Are We So Confident That Our Trash Bill Audit Can Get Results For Your Business?

Our Corporate Waste Audit Consultants have a very high success ratio with our corporate customers. In fact, our solid waste management audits get refunds, credits or savings on over 80% of the properties we evaluate. Currently, our waste removal and recycling service audits identify between $3,000-$15,000 of saving per property on an annual basis for our trash bill auditing clients.

Does Your Business Spend Over $2,000 Monthly For Trash Removal Services?

Stop overpaying for trash removal services by throwing away money into your dumpster. The only thing your business has to lose is overhead.

Why does a waste removal audit make sense?
Trash Talk

Business owners, find out why many of our Trash Bill Audit customers become Uniform Rental Audit customers. (When you save a company thousands of dollars a year on a trash bill audit at no additional out of pocket expense, they usually come back for more.)


So what are you waiting for?