The Integrity True Cost Method (sm)

      The True Cost Method (sm), developed by Integrity in 1992  consists of detailed analysis of your current billing, services and needs, followed by a quantitative comparison of  rates and tariffs that apply to your specific company. Utilizing our proprietary software and process along with our vast experience, Integrity determines the following for your company:

      • What are you truly paying?

      • What are the true rates or Tariffs that would be most beneficial for your company?

      • What errors have truly occurred and what refunds does your company truly deserve?

      Integrity not only specializes in finding overcharges but we also track many  vendor rates and tariffs. That is why we succeed when other so-called consulting companies just try to switch you to another carrier!   We even do subcontract work for other auditors/ consultants (yes our competitors turn to us for help!)  How do you begin to reap the benefits our clients have reaped? Just sign our RISK FREE AUDIT AGREEMENT and Letter of Authorization (LOA). Wait a few weeks while we seek to identify refund and saving opportunities, then collect your "LOST MONEY". No risk, no out-of-pocket expense just results!  Remember we don't get paid unless we get you results! It is really that simple.

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