Trash Talk: Should your business invest in a waste removal audit?

At INTEGITY we focus our Waste Removal Audit services on commercial properties and businesses such as restaurants and other entities that have more than one location and generate solid waste removal invoices that exceed $2,000 per month.

Our waste audit staff is extremely motivated to save your business money, because our waste audit consultants only get paid when they get results for your business. Our recycling and waste management services team will make sure that waste hauler is operating at peak efficiency, and get rid of any inflated invoicing if it exists. We’ll analyze your dumpster rental contracts, and negotiate contracts if they are not yet in place.

As your waste management advocates, we will manage your waste removal services, and negotiate contracts so they benefit your bottom line.

Let’s talk trash!

Our waste removal auditing services can be especially beneficial for businesses that have multiple sites that generate different volumes of solid waste to manage. We audit waste services for large and small businesses alike with one common goal: complete client satisfaction. Our waste removal audit will make sure that your business receives the best recycling and waste removal services along with the best rates available for particular trash hauling volume.

INTEGRITY takes the headache out of managing your recycling and solid waste removal services. Our waste auditing services are contingency based. Your solid waste auditing fee comes directly out of the money our services generate for your business in the form of a refund, credit or savings. Does garbage bill auditing make sense for your business?


Many of our Waste Removal Audit customers found us by getting a phone bill audit. Do your business a real favor. Lower your trash bill and lower your monthly phone bill.

Restaurant owners… we also provide textile rental audits, uniform rental auditing services and linen audits.

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